Sunday Funday!!!!

August 3, 2008

Today was super fun! My friend A. is at my house and we’re having loads of fun! OOOH!!! and I got a new cursor!! It’s a cute little hamst’er jumping up and down. Its really cute! I started a new side project! It’s a Ski Headband. I’m just knitting a scarf-ey thing and then joining the cast on edge with the bind off edge. I’m making it out of Sensations Angel hair stripe, color # 107 Turquoise/Cream its pretty and soft!


My new blog!

August 3, 2008

I need to find my camera. and the connector. so no pictures for a while. but hi! this is my new blog! its all about knitting, yarn, and my still growing yarn stash! for everyone who comments or reads this blog, then thanks millions!!!!



uh, my first first post. about my cats!

August 2, 2008

this was supposed to be my first post. but i already posted my first post. does that mean this is my first first blog?? ah, the questions i ponder!!! hehe :D. and i dont want to repeat what i already said. that would be like de javu or however you spell that. i guess i’ll just say a few things about me. well, i have three cats, named honey, sobo, and trouble. trouble’s a scardey cat. he’s quite¬†funny though.¬† honey is the biggest snuggle puss in the world!! shes super soft and cute and she always lays on me when i’m watching a movie or knitting. sobo is the oldest and the leader kitty. whenever we let our cats outside sobo and honey are always the ones running around, chasing moths and exploring our garden, and going into our neighbors yard (they don’t care. they’re really nice!). Trouble is the one that goes around the house and when they come back inside, Trouble always hisses at Sobo. Nobody really knows why. :D.